Trail Hounds Handbook

The Trail Hound's Handbook

Some horseowners own dogs but one has to remember that a ‘city’ dog is a lot different than the ‘country’ or ‘barn’ dog. City dogs are used to pavement, moving cars, people, baby strollers. The Country dog is used to deer, cattle, wild critters and how to keep himself ‘safe’ in a changed environment. This publication includes chapters on how to keep a dog safe on the trail – why the dog should not chase a momma cow with calf, sniff that ‘rope’ AKA snake on the trail and in general be under the control of the owner. Some dogs suffer from ‘selective hearing’ coming only when they want to, not when the owner calls ‘em. (Reason a Trail Bell is useful not only on a trail horse but on a dog too!) Equipment for the trail dog to pack, trail care, first aid, feed, water and more are covered in this publication with lots of pictures written by Ellen Eastwood!
BK 1027
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