Stable Sergeant Manual

Stable Sergeant's Manual

Originally printed in 1917, this Manual covers about everything about a horse that is required to know! The US Cavalry solider had to carry what was needed for the horse and himself, on the horse when marching and in the field. No ground or pit crews to help care for a horse. What was required from equine medications (natural) to his own clothing, rifle and sidearm, bullets, horseshoes and nails, equipment had to be available at a momentís notice. The army saddle doubled as a pillow. His horseís blanket as the soldier's own blanket to keep warm at night. And NO cell phones to call the nearest vet! Each solider took care of his own individual mount and the soldier's very life could depend on how well he took care of his horse!! 241 pages with lots of drawings, illustrations.
BK 1004
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