Emergency Kit for Treating Snake Bite On-The-Muzzle

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Severe swelling is a significant concern after a snake bite, particularly if the bite is on the muzzle. If extreme swelling occurs, asphyxiation is a real threat because a horse canít breathe through his mouth. Inflammation that starts on the exterior of the muzzle, at the site of the bite, can quickly worsen, compressing the nasal passages and cutting off the horseís air supply. This Emergency Kit is sealed and intended to be stowed in your first aid saddle bag. It contains two 6 inch pieces of vinyl tubing, a 5 yard flat pack of duct tape and a sealed packet lubricant (vegetable oil). Lubricate the tubing and shove it up the horseís nostril and tape in place. Repeat on the other nostril. You wonít need the tape long as the swelling will begin to hold the tubes in place. GET VETERINARIAN CARE FOR THE HORSE ASAP!