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Trail Riding Supplies offers quality horse and mule tack, trail riding gear, horse packing equipment, and hunting and horse camping supplies for those who want to enjoy the outdoors on horseback.  We offer a beautiful selection of leather saddlebags as well as the ever popular Cashel and TrailMax insulated saddlebags, pommel bags and a wide selection of saddle pockets. We routinely introduce new products to better meet the needs of trail riders, endurance riders, mule packers, guides and outfitters – so visit our trail riding supply store often.
Just like you, we enjoy escaping to the backcountry with our Trail Riding horses and Pack mules. We have field tested and regularly use the Trail Riding equipment that we offer here (especially our Trail Riding saddlebags, pack saddles and pack panniers).

Our trail riding horses are Beach Ride, a gaited mare, who excels in endurance riding and this horse loves the ocean, sand and beach.  GeoCash, a American Paint horse who loves to explore new horse trails.  Back Country Packer, a Pony of the Americas who excels at carrying a loaded pack into the country and finding new horse trails.  Trail Mapper, a Paso Fina horse, who just loves the horse trails and offers a smooth ride in rugged terrain. And last but not least, our favorite trail horse, an Arabian endurance horse named Country Adventure. 


Interested in Performance Riding?  Visit our sister store MountedShootingSupplies.com.  Mounted Shooting is one of the nation’s fastest growing equestrian sports.

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